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Something Else! Reviews
by S. Victor Aaron(July 5 and December 21, 2013)
Pivot Point was selected one of the ten best jazz fusion records for the first half of 2013. Link to full review
Pivot Point was selected one of Victor Aaron's twenty best jazz fusion records for the year 2013. Link to full review

Luxury Experience
by Debra C. Argen(December 12, 2013)
Pivot Point is a stunningly rich 10-track instrumental Jazz release that soars. . . an album that takes you to the perfect ‘chill point.’ Link to full review

iDrum Magazine
by Don Zulaica(Issue 23, 2013)
“Guitarist Dave Haskell offers up bluesy jazz-fusion with special guests.” Link to full review

Jazz Wax
by Marc Myers(July 27, 2013)
“Dave Haskell Group’s Pivot Point is terrific and Haskell is an enormously lyrical and mood drenched player. . . a hugely seductive album.” Download full review PDF

Sea of Tranquility
by Pete Pardo(March 9, 2013)
Pivot Point is quite simply classy stuff from start to finish. Haskell is a remarkable guitarist who doesn't overplay, and his lyrical style shapes these melodic songs just perfectly.” Link to full review

Critical Jazz
by Brent Black(March 10, 2013)
“Haskell's clean, angular playing is executed with surgical preceision and fluid tone rarely heard today. Link to full review

by Carol Banks Weber(April 15, 2013)
“Think contemporary jazz-fusion with balletic forward movement and surprising adjustments.” Link to full review

Midwest Record
by Chris Spector(March 16, 2013)
“Tasty guitar driven fusion jazz/rock . . .” Link to full review

The Jazz Page
by Glenn Daniels(April 12, 2013)
“Haskell’s musical voice in the writing and performances shines through brightly.” Link to full review

Progressive Rock Central
by Angel Romero(March 18, 2013)
“On Pivot Point you’ll find a mix of adventurous fusion, smooth jazz, and funk jazz with outstanding guitar playing throughout the album.” Link to full review

Something Else! Reviews
by S. Victor Aaron(March 21, 2013)
“Dave Haskell is back, which is undoubtedly significant news for longtime followers of the San Francisco Bay Area’s jazz and blues scenes.” Link to full review

Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
by Mark S. Tucker(March 16, 2013)
“The influence of bop is clear in Haskell's guitaristics, but most all the hard edges have been refined to the sort of sound one hears in Ferrante, Haslip, and Ford.” Link to full review

Napa Valley Register
by L. Pierce Carson(March 20, 2013)
“Guitar fanciers should grab this one for the collection and then welcome Haskell back to the fold.” Link to full review